Pre-Fall '16 Snapstory

Featuring skate star Anthony Defalco


We all crave new adventures—IRL experiences for URL documentation. This is a digital love story between skate star Anthony Defalco and it-girl Vera Lesavoy, who've captured their electric experiences together on Snapchat. 

Doing flips off rooftops into pools, fucking up canvases with lighters and spray paint, climbing over fences into unopened skate parks—antics all solidified on camera, because if they haven't been Snapped, did they happen at all

Throughout the Snapstory, Anthony and Vera wear Nicopanda pre-fall '16, inspired by the '70s New Romantics movement and Nicola Formichetti's private collection of '90s zines. Watch Anthony and Vera, below, and shop the collection, now online.