Fashion brand Nicopanda, helmed by designer and frequent V contributor Nicola Formichetti, has been experimenting with the abstract, and challenging gender norms since its inception. Its latest ad campaign, debuting here, seeks to redefine the brand's visual language.

For the campaign, Formichetti teams up with his "childhood hero" Oliviero Toscani, whose advertising work with United Colors of Benetton has sparked controversy and think-pieces around the world. While these images are less likely to ruffle feathers, they do capture the playful spirit of both Formichetti and Toscani. Clicking through them, you'll wonder why they didn't work together sooner.

The collaboration certainly introduces a new element to the Nicopanda brand, which has previously catered to a niche, fashion-obsessed audience. The cast of the ads also reflects the brand's diverse consumers and muses. With each passing smiling campaign star face, one can't help but see that Nicopanda is for the free-spirited. In this campaign, it's not hard to see the brand's potential to be welcomed by the mass market, assuming Formichetti would ever want to be considered "mainstream."

Article Originally Appeared on V Magazine.